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Shared History - Brotherhood - Pride - Legacy

    Since It's Official Founding In 1984, Any Qualified Member That Has Served Or Is At Present Serving In The 75th Ranger Regiment Is Authorized To Purchase This Ring
    Designed By A Fellow Ranger, Exclusively For Those Who Have Proudly Served In The 75th Ranger Regiment. Est. 1984
    It Is Our Shared History, It Is Your Legacy, A Symbol To Recognize A Life Time Of Fellowship, And It Was Created To Represent Your Contribution To It.
    The T Nichols Gallery Is Committed To Providing The Highest Level Of Service To United States Army Rangers And Their Families. When Making Your Ring Selection, Or When Considering Any Of Our Unique One Of A Kind Product Designs, Your Order Will Respectfully Become Our Priority.
    Throughout Our Storied History Rangers Have Crossed Streams, Lakes And Oceans Together In Order To Protect And Defend The American Way Of Life. We Have Sacrificed Our Futures And Have Been Separated From Our Families. We Have Kissed Our Children Goodbye And Wiped Their Tears Including A Few Of Our Own, And Yet If Called Upon Tomorrow We Will Do It All Again, For We Are United States Army Rangers And Today More Than Ever We Are Expected To Lead The Way.

" Not For Themselves, But For Their Country "
The Historic Ranger Ring
The 75th Ranger Regiment Ring
The Official Ranger Hall Of Fame Ring

    The Accessory Creation To Each Custom 75th Ranger Regiment Ring Is The Accompanying Family Necklace, Worn To Express The Shared Pride By Family Members, With Each Piece Considered A Cherished Heirloom. Both The Ring And Necklace Are Meant To Extend The Memory Of The Family, Thus Passing Down Your Accomplishments For Generations To Come.

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A Quality Family Keepsake

The Ranger Medallion

    Since Introducing The Historic Ranger Ring In 1994 The T Nichols Gallery Has Been Actively Engaged In Designing Unique One Of Kind Works Of Art That Are strictly Intended To Recognize, Honor, And Help Preserve The Legacy Of Individual United States Army Rangers And Their Family Name.

    Each Hand Made Item Demands A level Of Quality So To Be Considered A Family Heirloom, Held Within The Rangers Estate, To Be Cherished And Passed Down To Future Generations. Each Quality Item Is A Symbol Of Accomplishment; It Represents An Individuals Contribution To Ranger History, And His Unselfish Willingness To Volunteer His Life In Defense Of The American Way Of Life.

    It Is Therefore A Pleasure To Introduce The "Ranger Medallion" To All Rangers Past, Present And Future. The Medallion Will Now Join The Established List Of Meaningful Symbols, To Respectfully Recognize Your Achievement.

Sua Sponte Since 1756

    Each Ranger Medallion Is Individually Cast When Your Order Is Confirmed. For Sentimental Reasons Polished Brass Is The Chosen Metal Source. Each Medallion Will Be Custom Engraved With The Rangers Formal Initials, And If You Are A Stone Owner On The Grounds Of The National Ranger Memorial, By Request "Stone Owner" May Be Engraved On The Pillar.

    Brotherhood Can Be Extended In Spirit By The Following This Simple Act. Your Medallion Is To Be Turned To The Opposite Side On The 15th And 30th Day Of Each Month; Silently Knowing Each Ranger Does This Serves As A Respectful Salute To Your Service In An Elite Fighting Force As Well As Your Membership In Ranger Fellowship For Life.

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